Fan Reviews: Phil loves his fans and they sure love him!

Phil was born to be a musician and it is his passion. Phil above all appreciates the support of all of his fans and LOVES to hear from you and appreciates your feedback immensely. If there is anything you would like to see or hear on this web site, Facebook, Myspace, a new album or at a gig then please contact us via the CONTACT page on this web site.

“WOW – Phil Emmanuel is a treat to the senses and a true master of music. What he does with a guitar just defies belief!”

WOW – I have for over 10 years now just been absolutely blown away by what Phil can do with a guitar. Whether listening to one of his albums at home or in the car or watching him play live at a venue, I am always just AMAZED by what he does. Each time we go to see him, the show is always NEW and FRESH….   he is JUST UNBELIEVABLE!”

Can’t get enough of this man! What a world-class talent and credit to Australia he is. I have been to see him perform many, many times over the years and each time I see him he is even better than the last. My ex-husband was the person who originally introduced me to fill and it is the one thing that we still have in common. Our kids love all of the Emmanuel family as well. Eagerly awaiting the next gig.
Wendy Kralj, Balmain, NSW
PHIL ROCKS! My teenage son is now an excellent guitarist and Phil and Tommy Emmanuel were his motivation to strive for perfection. Our whole family are avid music fans and the perfection that is Phil Emmanuel has pleased, motivated and inspired us all over the last couple of decades. I take my hat off to this man and will be at the next gig, no doubt! 🙂 See ya there Phil.
Dave Westwood, Mulgoa, NSW
Hail the King! What a musician… infact what an amazing family. I have been to many a gig of Phil and Tommy and more recently went to see Jesse Emmanuel and have heard her on the local 2KA radio station a number of times. I look forward to seeing Phil play live and local sometime soon and would love to see Jesse perform with him as well. My wife and I are big fans. When’s there a new CD coming out? We’re hanging for some more EMMANUEL MAGIC!
Neil Bailey, Fairy Meadow, NSW
I am a massive fan of Phil Emmanuel and have been for a couple of decades now. I have lost count of the number of times my husband and I have gone to see Phil perform live and those times have been some of the most memorable in my life. He is a GURU and we get lost in the music. Thanks Phil.
Maureen Saunders, New Lambton, NSW
As someone who fancies themself as a bit of a guitarist himself, I can’t begin to tell you just how much of an ABSOLUTE TREAT to me it is when I go to see Phil Emmanuel play live. I make a point to try and see him whenever he performs near where I live and each time I take a bunch of friends and I have yet to see one who has not become a fan by the end of the night. Phil you are just AWESOME! Can’t wait for the next gig.
Kyle, Penrith, NSW

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